Tru Optik is the Engine that Drives OTT and Connected TV Advertising

  • 70 Million US OTT households identified in Tru Optik Household GraphTM – The only household graph built for OTT and Connected TV advertising
  • Over 10,000 audience segments from 100+ leading branded data partners in our OTT Data Marketplace
  • Online and Offline attribution across over 250 OTT apps and publishers on all Smart TV, Connected Device and Gaming Consoles
  • The only SDK-less Data Management and Measurement integration across OTT
  • Deterministic behavioral data across over 300 Million OTT homes globally

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LEARN MORE OTT (over-the-top) and Connected TV have emerged as the fastest growing advertising medium, combining digital target precision with the premium high-engagement content of television





WATCH VIDEO Tru Optik welcomes leading agencies, brands, technology providers and publishers in NYC to discuss advancements in targeting, measurement, and attribution across Connected TV and OTT






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The OTT Marketing Cloud powered by Tru Optik is an integrated data management, campaign activation, audience measurement, and marketing attribution platform designed to empower media companies, publishers, and advertisers with the ability to better monetize audiences and engage their target consumers across OTT and Connected TV.




LEARN MORE The first cookie-less, SDK free data management platform built for OTT and CTV




LEARN MORE Match OTT and CTV ad exposure to both online and offline sales conversions





LEARN MORE Utilize Tru Optik’s integrated Demand Side Platform (DSP) or leverage one of our activation partners for OTT and CTV targeting





LEARN MORE Access branded segments from a broad range of leading 1st and 3rd party interest, behavioral, and demographic partners




LEARN MORE Sync OTT viewing across desktop, mobile, and CTV devices at the household level for unmatched OTT behavioral insights




LEARN MORE Cross-Screen Audience Validation (CAV) enables census-level measurement and audience validation for OTT and CTVmarketing campaigns


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