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We know audience demand

Tru Optik delivers leading indicators of multi-channel audience and consumer demand across demographic, behavioral and psychographic metrics.

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We Provide Insight, Not Just Data

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Evaluate peer-to-peer demand for digital media across TV, Film, Music, Video Games, and Software

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Quantify unmonetized demand of digital media content

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The most cost effective and analytics ready way to store mutli-channel audience and consumer data

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Enhance audience intellgience, power applications, and automate systems

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Link shortener with real-time detailed analytics for quick easy use all over the web

Know what your target audience is doing, not just what they're saying.

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"Over $500 billion per year of digital media will go unmonetized in 2014. The overwhelming majority of this missed opportunity occurs via peer-to-peer networks. The advent of peer-to-peer analytics will separate media, entertainment and advertising enterprises into two groups; those that use this data to gain the increased insight needed to recapture and increase revenue; and those that get left behind."

— Andre Swantson, CEO Tru Optik


More than 40% of all digital media downloaded worldwide is done so through peer-to-peer networks using the open source BitTorrent protocol. It is the #1 source in the world for digital media download content, accounting for more downloads than iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon combined. Downloads via peer-to-peer networks are often the most accurate and quantifiable leading indicator of consumer demand. Tru Optik’s Peer-to-Peer Ratings are powered by our proprietary database, which encompasses the download behavior of hundreds of millions of consumers around the world.

We break down peer-to-peer sharing of the five major categories— TV, music, movies, video games, and software — in just about every way conceivable. Want more access to our full Peer-to-Peer Ratings? Contact us now and find out more about how Tru Optik’s Peer-to-Peer Ratings can give you actionable data to help drive wiser marketing, production, licensing, programming, distribution and piracy mitigation decisions.


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*Top 10 Ratings are based on IP verified downloads of any torrent that entered the top 100 in its category at any point throughout the week.