Are You Targeting Millennials?

Millennials are the largest, most connected audience today, yet they can be elusive. Marketers often confront challenges efficiently reaching Millennials and monetizing their demand for media, entertainment, goods and services.

One reason is that Millennials use an array of connected devices, seamlessly and continuously switching between them. Traditional cookie-based tracking approaches struggle to measure this behavior, let alone translate it to effective marketing across screens.

Tru Optik’s proprietary data and insight is cookie-less, non-invasive, and captures Millennial download and streaming behavior globally across devices at unmatched scale. Campaigns powered by Tru Optik thus enable efficient, behavior-based targeting across all platforms and screens, even for hard-to-reach audience segments.

Tru Optik is helping leading media companies, brands and advertisers better engage and monetize Millennials.