Are Tru Optik P2P Ratings inclusive of all available torrents?

No. The P2P Ratings and public analytics include analysis of any torrent that enters into the top 100 most downloaded files at any time during a Sunday to Saturday calendar week.

How do you validate the content of the peer-to-peer data?

Currently we use internal media and tracker metadata for validation of all our data.

How do you validate IP addresses for torrents?

We directly connect with peers so IP validation is 100% accurate and extremely granular.

Do you track and validate international IPs? Which international regions can I get information for?

Yes. There is no geographical limitation to our data.

Will I have access to all of the Tru API data types?

Access to the varied Tru API endpoints is acquired on an individual subscription basis. We can also build custom end points as well within our API.

What limits, restrictions, or constraints if any are there for Tru API?

In some cases we will limit the number of results and calls. This is explained in detail in the API documentation.

What if I want to analyze content outside of the top 100 torrents?

Our library contains millions of torrents and updates every minute. Any torrent in our library can be tracked and aggregated in a siloed Tru Space instance.

Can you supply temporal statistical information on things like: general volume of traffic seen per hour/day/week/month? Total number of torrents/shares in a day/week? Or genre/type of traffic?

We are able to provide this information by geographic and infographic (tag, genre, etc.) segments.

What is the historical limit to your data history? How far back can I query?

At scale our historical data goes back to November 2013 for IP verified analysis of peer-to-peer activity.

How do you associate content with specific search terms?

We segment data by genre, title, location, time, tag etc.

What and how much demographic data can I gather?

We currently utilize census for US segments, but we also analyze psychographic and behavioral information to infer additional demographics for any location. For example if an IP has downloaded children’s cartoons we can infer there is a high likelihood of the household having a child. If the IP downloads Spanish telenovelas, we can assume they are Spanish speaking.

Can I see what types of media a group of similar people are utilizing?

Yes. Media consumption can be ranked and analyzed for specific audience segments.