The goal of attribution is to asses the value each element of a campaign contributes in bringing about a desired consumer action, such as a website visit or a purchase. Attribution enables brands to increase the efficiency of their ad spending, and over time can help smart marketers compile winning playbooks for emerging media channels like OTT.


That makes attribution an important process - one that should be part of every OTT ad campaign. The are many attribution approaches out there, ranging from the overly simple (e.g., 'last click') to the exceedingly complex. Good attribution models are consistent with accepted principles about how advertising works, are readily understood, and can be implemented in an actionable time frame.


Tru Optik's attribution approach includes three features that have been conspicuously absent from OTT attribution to date (and most other digital attribution), though they are essential to evaluating campaign performance.

Online Attribution

How It Works:


Capture ad exposure data, match to Tru Optik ID


Conversion Pixel (or Tru Optik TMS for CTV) captures online action


Ingest into Tru Optik DMP


Match exposure to conversion Tru Optik ID


Reporting provided to client


OFFline Attribution

How It Works:


Capture ad exposure data and match to Tru Optik ID


Send Tru Optik ID list to 3rd party attribution partner


3rd party attribution partner matches Tru Optik ID to anonymized consumer household data


3rd party attribution partner returns results to Tru Optik


Reporting provided to client


Why go another day without the ability to attribute your cross screen audience?