OTT (over-the-top) and Connected TV have emerged as the fastest growing advertising medium, combining digital target precision with the premium high-engagement content of television.

The OTT Marketing Cloud is the only data management, campaign activation, audience measurement, and marketing attribution platform that works for Connected TV, which accounts for over 70% of OTT viewing.

The OTT Marketing Cloud Webinar Series is designed to help brands, agencies, and publishers enhance their capabilities by leveraging the power of OTT and Connected TV. The series will feature many of Tru Optik's data and technology partners presenting best-in-class solutions and capabilities in audience targeting, measurement, and marketing attribution across Connected TV and OTT

Participants in the webinar series will learn:

  • What forces and factors are accelerating OTT ad growth
  • How to evaluate the OTT/Connected TV capability and competency of a technology, data or agency vendor
  • How to harness the full power of OTT advertising
  • How OTT/Connected TV can be combined with traditional TV and digital advertising plans and coordinated cross-media campaigns